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How to Create a Chat Room for Facebook Pages (Flash Chat Room )

Good News for those who were always looking for a way to have a chat room on their Facebook fan pages. Earlier, Facebook had not allowed public to paste flash contents (such as flash based chatroom) even by using FBML. But now, you can have a your own Facebook chat room for your Facebook pages. Now, with a newly introduced application "iwipa" you can do it all. iwipa provides you free utility to have iframes, html and fbml on your Facebook pages. Here is how you can create a Chat room for Facebook pages.

How to Create a Facebook Chat room for Pages???

  • First of All create and copy the code
  • Once you have created your Chat room, Login in your Facebook and go to iwipia
  • Click on "Go to App"
  •  Click on "Install iwipa Page Now"
  •  From the next page, select your Facebook page where you want to install this application to create a Facebook chat room.
  • Click on "Add iwipa= HTML + Iframe + FBML"
  • Good, now go to your Facebook Page and Click on Welcome Tab (this is newly created tab) from the left sidebar and then click on "Click Here to Activate Your page"
  •  Now you will see a complete iwipa admin interface from where you can manage your Facebook page.
  • Click on "Tabs and Layouts"
  • From the new page, drag and drop all boxes to tray and only keep two boxes (i.e. media box and comments) in Main layout and then click on "Save Layout"
  • Click on "Edit Page Content"
  • Now, click on Edit of media box, then a new window will pop-up
  • Click on "Source", paste your Chat room code in body and click on "SAVE"
  • phew... That's it ! Go to your page, click on "Welcome" tab and you will see a chat room there.


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