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10 Best Ways to Maintain Your PC (computer, laptop etc)

Computers are known to be a person's best friend in modern times. One generally spend hours on the wonder machine surfing the internet on social networking sites, or watching movies or performing tasks that can take hours to perform manually. To ensure that your computer functions smoothly you need to perform some house cleaning regularly. Below is the list of top ten such tasks.

10. Store all files in a single place

You should store all your working files in a single folder. When you store files at different locations they consume more memory space. After certain time, the system becomes short of memory and hence becomes slow. Apart from that it has few more benefits like you know where your files are so searching one becomes easy. When files are stored at one place backing them becomes easy.

9. Do not store anything on root drive

The drive on which your operating system is installed is called as the root drive. It is generally drive C: on most of the computers. One should not store any personal file on this drive as it may corrupt the disk file table. It can also lead to corrupting your operating system itself.

8. Delete zip files

When you download any file from the internet it is generally in the zip format. When you need the file you download the zip file, extract the files in the archive and then you carry on with your work. But you should not forget to delete the original zip file as it unnecessarily takes space on your disk drive.

7. Backup regularly

You should always backup your files on regular intervals. The computer is after all a machine and one cannot guarantee anything about them. So it is advisable that you get yourself a flash drive where you can store a copy of your files. You can also store all your drivers and other installation files of third part apps on the flash drive itself.

6. Surge protector

It is always better to get yourself a good surge protector and plug your system and all the peripherals like scanner and printers in it. During times of heavy fluctuations or lightening unplug it.

5. Safe computing

Many a times you receive mails claiming free gifts or software. One should not open any such mails or containing links from any unknown sources. These mails are known to contain virus that can corrupt your system. In fact one should avoid opening any attachment with .exe or .dat extensions even from your friends.

4. Uninstall the programs

You must keep uninstalling the programs that you do not use any more to free the memory space. Sometimes, when you do not use a program you just delete it. But that does not solve the purpose because there will be still some system files in your system including registry entries. So always uninstall them through control panel’s Add or Remove Programs.

3. Disk Defragmentation

The disk derangement helps you free some available space on your system making it run fast. When you store files on your computer they are stored on different locations in chunks. After some, there are some free chunks available but they can’t be used by the system as it they lay in between other used chunks. The disk defragmenter collects all such chunks and makes the available memory free. One should defragment their system at least once a week.

2. Clean temporary files

Whenever you browse the net and surf a page, a temporary copy of the page is stored in your system that can be accessed later. So, one should keep removing them along with some other system files. You can remove such temporary files by going to Start > Run > type TEMP and remove all files in that folder. You can also use a free application called "CCleaner", you can download it free from's mainpage.

1. Keep your system updated

Make sure that you keep your operating system and all other software updated along with the antivirus program. Updated systems are known to perform better. If you do not update necessary software, many applications in your computer including operating system, may run slow and cause you frustration. You are suggested to keep your system updated.

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