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10 Easy Tips to Increase Your Google AdSense Earning and CTR

Google AdSense is one of the top way to make money from blogs or websites. Millions of people around the globe are using this unbeatable system to fill their pockets with dollars. The best thing about Google AdSense is, its free to create and easy to integrate. All you have to do is, paste the AdSense code into your webpage and Google will start serving your web-page with ads. But, people then complain they are making low money from their blogs or websites, so here are those useful tips to get the best from your blogs using Google AdSense.

How to increase Google AdSense Click Rate?

  • Always place Google Adsense ads on "text rich pages" and make sure you have sufficient AdSense targeted keywords. Targeting "Higher paying keywords" is always lovely thing.
  • Avoiding mentioning "Advertisement" or "Sponsored Links" with Google Ads.Why you want to tell your visitors that they are Google ads when Google mention the thing "Ads by Google" or "AdChoices"
  • Use section targeting thing. This is used for targeting specific section of your blog. By following this tip, you will get more relevant ads on your blog pages resulting high CTR.
  • Match Google ad color with your website. This will help you to show Google ads as part of your website. This is called color blending and it helps to increase number of clicks resulting high CTR
  • Experiment often by changing the color scheme of your Google ads to see what color schemes works best for your website

Best Google Adsense Ad Placement

  • Always Place Google Ads "Above the Fold" i.e. people don't have to scroll down to view ads. "Above the Fold" ads will load more faster and this will get more visibility.
  • Provide some free space around Google AdSense ads so that ads could catch maximum intentions of blog readers. Avoid cluttering up Google ads with your contents.
  • Do some experiments by changing ad locations and track ad statistics by using Channels too see which location works best. Sometimes, unusual places do wonder to maximize CTR rate.
  • Prefer vertical ads rather than horizontal ads. It works much better however its up to your website structure.
  • Always place at least 1 ad at top i.e. near your website logo or in header.

Above are 10 most useful tips to increase your Google AdSense CTR rate and earnings. By following these tips you can increase not only your AdSense CTR but can maximize your AdSense money also.

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