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10 Most Awesome Blogger Tricks You Must Use In Your Blogspot Blogs

Blogger is one of the most used blogging platform which makes the blogger world's best blogging platform for newbies. Blogger is not only used by newbies but many professionals also find this platform reliable and comfortable. There are many other cool reasons to use blogger. No doubt Wordpress has its own benefits but you can beat Wordpress by applying Blogger Hacks and Blogger tricks in your blogspot blog. Here are 10 blogger hacks that you must use in your blogspot blogs to give your blog a professional and mature look.

1- Remove Navigation Bar (navbar)

Blogger, by default, shows a navigation bar on the top of each created blog. It does not hurt any one however you can remove that nav bar to remove Blogspot's branding from your blog pages. There are countless blogs who have removed Navigation bar from their blogspot blogs. So, first of all,remove nav bar from your blog. It takes only 1 minute hardly. click here

2- Add a Favorites Icon (fav icon)

Favorites Icon also known as Fav icon is a may be a static or dynamic icon which comes in various very small sizes and appears in URL address of your internet browser. Its not a new feature however Now a days it has become a very useful way to add more branding to your website. Almost every website have its own Fav icon and it helps users to identify your website by that small icon. You must add a fav icon in your blogclick here

3- Title Tags for Blogger Search Engine Optimization (Better Blogger SEO)

By default, blogger displays Blog Name First followed by Post Title (Blog Name - Post Title) which does not appeal search engines and normal users. So, its definitely a good idea to swap blogger titles and place Post Title First, followed by Blog Name (Post Title - Blog Name). It will not only add a professional thing to your blog but will also increase your blog traffic. Here is how you can Change Blogger Title Tagsclick here

4- Auto Read More With Thumbnails

Earlier, blogger did not support excerpts i.e. Auto Read More or Auto Summary functions however several developers developed scripts to create auto read more functions for blogger. Blogger find those hacks interesting and officially added the function of "Read more" in each blog however you will have to add a code in your each post to show the summarized form of your post on your blog's mainpage and rest on the post page However if you use earlier hacks for read more with thumbnails, you dont need to place any code as the script will do everything for you. Its a Good idea to display only a certain part of your post on mainpage and remaining post on the post page. It will make your blog load quickly. Add Auto Read more Function in your blog. click here

5- Google AdSense Ads inside Your Blogger Posts

If you are one of those bloggers who want to make money from their blogs then placing Google AdSense ads inside your blog posts will definitely be a good idea. You will get decent amount of legit clicks if you place Google Ads on right location and placing Google Ads above or below your post is considered a Right Location by several successful bloggers. You must Place Google Ads inside your postsclick here

6- Blogger Page Navigation (Page Numbers)

Page Navigation is one of the most useful hacks ever created unofficially. Its really an amazing feature as your blog gets a Page Navigation like WordPress blogs. It ads more professionalism in your blog and makes easier to your blog readers to explore your blog. You do not need any programming knowledge or plugin to do this. It takes only 1 minute to add Blogger Page Numbers orBlogger Page Navigationclick here

7- Reply Button within Comments

You possibly have seen that WordPress comment system or Disqus comments system have a reply-to-reply comment system which means readers can make reply to existing reply. Developers and smart bloggers have made it possible to to place a Reply Button in Your Blogspot comment system. You must use this useful function to make your blog look more professional. click here

8- Recent Posts With Thumbnails

Mostly, your organic traffic (traffic that is sent by search engines) will not bother to go through your website and visit other pages or updates of your website, so its a smart thing to show them your latest blog posts in some side bar. That way they will be able to know your latest work and they will possibly visit attractive posts of your blog that you have posted recently. All you should do is, Placerecent posts with thumbnails in your blog. click here

9- Use a Custom Domain Name

If you can afford $10/year then using a custom domain for your blog would be a great deal. It will remove branding from your Blog URL and you can assign any desired (with respect to availability) domain name easily. Here is how you can assign a custom domain to blogspotclick here

10- Social Bookmarking Widget

Social Bookmarking sites are one of the greatest way to attract traffic to your blog. You can either submit your blog posts manually in social bookmarking sites or can let the world do this JOB. If you want others to share your contents on social bookmarking and social networking sites, then you must use Social Bookmarking Widget on your blogs. click here

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