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10 Things to Know for Quick Adsense Approval

Google Adsense is widely platform used by several bloggers and webmasters to monetize your blog and make money online. In previous post, we discussed how to create adsense account quickly. But sometimes we need more things to know before applying for Adsense account because Google is strict for new adsense accounts in several countries. So, its time to know what things we should know before applying for an Adsense account or creating a Google Adsense account quickly and successfully.


First and most important thing is Domain name, try to purchase a professional sort of domain rather than rude or adult kind of domain. Never apply for an Adsense account using a free domain such as .tk, etc domains. If you cant purchase a domain, simply use blogger for creating Google Adsense account.

Website Template or Blog Design/theme

The most important thing after domain is website template or blog design. You must use a professional, attractive and user friendly template for your blog. You can download such templates easily. There are several websites from where you can download free HTML templates/website templates/blog templates. Never use casino or adult kind of templates. If you apply for an Adsense using Blogger, never use default template.


Content is King so, you must have unique contents in your blog before applying for an Adsense account. You must not have mp3 tracks, warez things, adult stuff or pictures whose owner is someone else than you or you dont have permissions to publish such things. Google will never approve your Adsense account if your contents are not yours i.e. mp3 tracks, warez, adult, copyright pictures etc. If you are not such person then its fine and if you are applying for and Adsense using your blog, try to have atleast 10 to 20 articles in your blog before applying for an Adsense.

Link Promotion

Several bloggers and webmasters take Google Adsense account creation easy and some time its easier too when your application is reviewed by some Google Adsense employee who is in happy mood. But if you are not that much lucky, you have to exchange your link with 5 to 10 websites for link building purpose. Try to exchange links with websites which are related to your websites in topic.

Personal Information

When you are filling Adsense form, give them exact and true information such as postal code, home address, phone number etc. Otherwise your application will be rejected.

Above are the factors which really helps (if satisfied) for creating an Adsense account successfully.

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