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15 Reasons Why I Still LOVE Pakistan

There are a million reasons to love Pakistan as its my beloved country and everyone loves home sweet home. This Country came into existence with support of Allah Almighty as the Muslims of sub-continent were not strong enough to force and resources. The Whole world was amazed and astonished that this feeble lot of people actually achieved what they were fighting for. The World does not know.... Allah took us to our destination and he is still protecting our beloved country. Even with flaws in the system, even with less material resources, this country has given me an opportunity to become what I am. 
  • This is the place where i have seen families stick together trough thick and thin, when so-called developed world is lost in solitude when emotions and troubles strike.
  • This is the place where I've seen relatives for your well being and share the joy of success with you, when the natives of western countries are on their own in pursuits of happiness.
  • This is the place where friends and neighbors come in to rescue you from troubles and financial crisis even when they are stuck in similar situations.
  • This is the place where people will actually cry and be devastated when you die. Your absence will be felt beyond the day of your funeral.
I still Love Pakistan :) for millions of reasons, few of them are:

1. People

I love the Pakistani people – they are resilient, diverse and most entrepreneurial. They have survived calamities, famines, upheavals, injustices and exploitation and yet retain a sense of humor.

2. Natural Beauty

From the pristine peaks in the north to the mangroves of the Indus delta, Pakistan blends climates, geographies, terrains altogether. From the Cholistan Desert to the peaks of Nanga Parbat, this country is blessed with all the beauty of Mother Nature.

3. Cuisine

Nothing can compare to Pakistani cuisine. Whether it is a simple Tandoor ki Roti with Achaar or Palak or the intricate Biryani with ingredients and spices of all hues, the food is out of this world.

4. Identity and sense of belonging

I feel a seems of belonging and identity in my homeland. Rather than being called a third grade citizen in another country, I feel proud to bad a first class citizen of Pakistan.

5 .Human Values

Human values such as respect for the elderly, kindness, humility and humbleness are all part of our religion. That is why we as a nation practice and follow these basic human values.

6. Unity

Pakistan belongs to its people and not to the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Pakistan as a nation has been resilient enough to withstand corruption year after year for 63 years. Also in times of difficulty and natural disasters we as a nation have always stood tall and helped our fellow country men.

7. Civilization

 Nothing can take beat the heritage and cultural background that Pakistan holds. Pakistan is not the just the Indus Civilization of Harappa and Moen jo Daro but also traces its roots back to the Gandhara ,Greek and Islamic influences.

8. Homeland

This country has given me a shelter and I feel protected within its arm. Most people think that Pakistan is unsafe. But to me, living in Pakistan and to die here is a biggest desire as I would love to have a small portion of Pakistan’s pure land.

9. Sense of pride

When I look at the journey of Pakistan these 63+ years, I feel proud because it is the same country that did not even have office stationery at the time of birth and now Pakistan has become a nuclear state.

10. Our Belief

It is time for true Pakistanis like us, to stand up and give our nation a helping hand. It does not ask for much, just your love for the nation and a good ruler. I LOVE PAKISTAN and very soon we shall see our efforts bear fruit and the new rising sun will take Pakistan to greater heights.

Oh Almighty! Bless this country with your divine Love and keep on loving us. We are not wise; we are flawed; we can damage ourselves; we dont have the wisdom; our approach and tolerance is limited; Only YOU can save us from harm. Oh Allah! please Dont lift Your hand from our Heads. Please save us from self-destruction. Only You have the Power to save us. Oh Almighty! Bless me and my countrymen with the vision to identify the path of righteousness. Please enable us to become what YOU desire us to become. Almighty! Save our Beloved motherland from external and internal threats. Please take us Your AMAAN, please provide us shelter of your Love. Oh Almighty! YOU have blessed me with a wonderful life in this motherland. Please bless me also with the honor of dying on a land non other than this. Bless my fossils with the honor of contributing in the fertility of this land so blessed with your blessings.
Ameen, Summ Ameen

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