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3 Best Online Tools to Convert Text to Uppercase/Lowercase

Several times, people forget to OFF their "Caps Lock" key and type the entire document in UPPER case or in lowercase. Or sometimes you need to change the letter case to uppercase or lowercase and typing the entire document again in desired letter case would not only be time wasting but also would be so stupid. Because, we have so many online tools to change the letter case within few seconds. You can convert letter case to Uppercase, Lowercase or Capitalize the entire text document.

Convertcase.Net allows you to convert letter case to sentence case, lower case, UPPER CASE, Capitalized case and even allows you to download the converted file into a text file.Its easier to use this website because it comes with really clean design. 

TextFixer is a basically a website that provides free tools related to fixing text. Apart from other so many tools, this website also have a free tool called "Uppercase or Lowercase Text Tool" that allows you to convert letter case, easily. You can convert text to lowercase and UPPERCASE using this website.

This is yet another useful and clean tool to convert a string to Uppercase / lowercase. This best thing about this website is, its not only clean in design but also provides you both cases (upper, lower) at same time in different boxes.

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