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3 Easy Steps to Setup a Custom Domain for Your Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

Blogger is one of the most used blogging platform by newbies and some semi-professional bloggers. Blogger provides an easy interface which makes it easy to create free blogs and start working on it. Blogger, by default includes their website address inside your blog address such as Its just for promotional purpose however you can remove that from your blogger blog address by assigning a custom domain to your blog. Its really easy to assign a custom domain name to your blogger. Here are those easy steps.

Step#1 - Buy Your Domain Name

Well, you must have your own domain name to assign it with your blogspot blog. It does not cost much, you can easily purchase a gTLD domain (i.e. .com, .net, .org etc) for $7-$8 only. There are so many domain registrars providing domain registration services. However you can purchase domain name directly from your blogger account too but you are suggested to purchase domain either from or from Their prices are reasonable and they also give additional discounts on purchase. Must check Godaddy coupons and coupons.

Step#2 - Setup Domain using DNS setting

DNS stands for Domain Name System. A DNS is used to point domain name to desired IP locations and its necessary to point your domain DNS to your blogger blog. All domain registrars have easy DNS setting panels. You are not required to buy webhosting or to set custom nameservers. Following are the settings you must enter in your Domain DNS.

  • Login in Your account
  • Click on "My Account" then on Your Domain Name and then click on DNS Record Managementoption.
  • Now remove all existing records and add following records (as shown in below image)

  • Thats it, Step#2 is complete

Step#3 - Setup Domain using DNS setting

Its last step for assigning a custom domain to blogspot blog. All you have to do is;

  • Login in Your blogger account
  • Go to Settings > Publishing and click on custom domain
  • Now, click on Advance Settings and enter your domain name.

  • Now, enter captcha (word verification) and Save Settings. Then select "Redirect to" and save the page again.
  • Thats it !

Now, you are done with setting up custom domain name.

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