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5 Best Free Ways to Trace an IP Address and Find its Actual Location

An IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is a unique address assigned to each computer connected with internet. An IP Address is just a series of numbers separated by dots and can be from to Currently we are following IP Version 4 while Version 6 has been standardized. Here are many online tools to find or trace location of any IP Address using online tools, but online tools do not tell us the physical address (i.e. apartment number,street number etc). Online IP Tracers online tell us the ISP name, City Name etc.

Here are some useful websites using which you can know your own IP Address and if you have the IP address of other then you can find his location also.

My Ip

This website provides a wide range of geo location services. You Just need to put the IP Address (it will catch your IP address automatically) to know the location of the IP address user. This Website will not only tell you the location but will also show you on Google MAP.

IP Lookup

IP Lookup is another web service which gives you access to know the location of any IP Address. You dont have to put your IP address to know you location and other data. Just open this website and it will automatically show your IP Address location data with Google Maps. But if you know the IP of other guy, just put the IP and get his location and other (limited) info.

IP Address Location

This is yet another IP Address Location tracer website which not only tells you the location (like country, city) and ISP info but also tells you the information of your Computer that which Operating System you are using, which browser you are using etc.

What Is My IP Address

What is my ip address is easy to remember website using which you can know your IP address and also can get the information of Other IP Addresses

IP Address ORG

This is another website where you can simply put the IP address and within 1 click you can get all the information inside that IP such as City name, Latitude Longitude etc.

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  1. I use to have my IP look up at this site provides me geographical locations of IP addresses with latitude, longitude, country, state, zone, etc. It is very useful for me.




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