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5 Best Ways to Increase Your Alexa Ranking Dramatically - Painless Methods

Alexa is an Amazon's website that provides traffic details about websites. Alexa ranks the websites on the basis of users who visit a particular blog or a website. Alexa gets the information automatically however they also have a toolbar who (if installed) sends the web traffic report to Alexa servers and Alexa ranks the blog accurately. Higher Alexa ranking can be achieved by having high number of visitors however there are 5 other factors which can improve your Alexa ranking.

Content and Traffic

Content is king because all your blog traffic depends on your blog contents. Always do your best while writing your blog post and avoid copy-pasting contents of other blogs. The most important and most avoided thing is, try writing on latest topics and not on old topics which already exist on internet. Unique Articles will result higher search engine positions and you will get more traffic which will increase your Alexa ranking and earning

Alexa Toolbar and Bookmarks

Install Alexa Toolbar in your computer so that at least Alexa receives accurate amount of visits from your computer. Moreover, install this toolbar in as many computers as you can and set your website/blog as homepage in all browsers. So that each browser opens your website and traffic report is sent to Alexa servers.

Directories Submission

Directories submission is one of the most common and highly trusted. Try to submit your blog in as many directories as possible but keep in mind only prefer directories with high page ranks. Blog submission in high page rank directories will not only give you traffic but will also improve your Google Pagerank and search engine positions. If you feel lazy while doing hundreds and thousands of submissions, you can higher a SEO consultant.

Alexa Widgets

Install Alexa Widgets on all of your web pages or blog. This will properly sends the traffic reports to Alexa servers even none of your visitors have Alexa toolbar installed in their computers. This is yet another most useful and way to increase your Alexa ranking dramatically.

Alexa Information

Place your blog or website information in "Alexa ranking page of your blog" also. Such as Introduction of your blog, contact addresses, company info etc. and Say your friends to leave reviews about your blog on Alexa. This somehow also effects your Alexa reputation and ranking.

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