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5 Free Ways to Open .Docx MS Word Files Online ? or Offline

Microsoft 2007 brought many changes in MS office suit. One of them was introduction of a new file format i.e. .docx. If you are using upgraded version of MS office, then you can easily open .docx files in your computer but if your MS office is older than 2007's version. You wouldn't be able to open a .docx file as older versions does not support this file format. Do not worry, you dont have to install or upgrade MS office in your PC to view .docx files because now you can open,edit and view .docx files online simply using your internet.

1- Convert Docx to any other format online

Sounds good. yeah ! simply convert docx file to any other format such as .doc or pdf etc. Download converted version in your computer and read/view the converted file in supported application. Here is a website called which allows you to convert documents and pictures in other formats for free. Simply open and convert docx file to any other file format.

2- Using Google Docs

This is one of my favorite method to read or edit .docx files because this does not need any application to be installed on your computer and its 100% free. Its simple and easy to use, just upload a file a .docx document on Google docs, then view it, read it, edit it or whatever you want to do with this. Simply open Google Docs and upload files then view them by clicking on their names.

3- View .docx files using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox

Its kinda different approach. But it works fine to view docx files without MS office installed in your computer.
  • First of all, change the extension of file from .docx to .zip (document.docx >
  • Now, unzip this file open the unzipped folder
  • Open "word" folder and click on "document" file.

  • This will show you entire content of .docx file. But if you do not see what you was looking for (i.e. if you see some sort of code). Simply copy the entire code > open and click on Go after pasting the code.
  • This will make you able to view .docx file data.

4- Install Support to MS office older versions

If you are using older versions of MS office, then you can install an application which will make older MS office able to open .docx files easily. You can download this compatibility pack from here.

5- Zoho Viewer

Zoho viewer is another free utility to view documents online. It supports large number of file formats and you can even convert file formats online using this service. to view a .docx file, simply upload the document file there and Zoho will show you what that .docx file contains.

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