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6 Ways For Promoting Reading Habits

With the onset of summer holidays and schools closed for 2 whole months ,children can sometimes get on their parents nerves. Parents should try and help their children to make the most of their summer vacations, engaging them in activities crucial for their body and mind.  Reading habits if developed at an early age among children can result in a life long hobby and pastime. Books are the best source of knowledge and vocabulary. It opens your mind to a variety of topics and keeps you abreast of happenings around the world. Newspapers and magazines are the best source of knowledge be it on current affairs, travel, politics , technology or even entertainment related news .It increases your vocabulary and your creativity and imagination. Fairy tales take children into a world full of fantasy and make believe Books also teach new words and their meanings thus giving us a better vocabulary. Books are a persons best friend when getting bored .They provide company to the lonely and idle.

After stating the above advantages and merits of reading, the question arises as how to promote and make this an inevitable part of our children’s lives. Since I am a mother of two school going and hyper active children, I can fully understand the trouble many parents go through to inculcate this habit in their children’s lives. Having failed in my attempts to do so several times I have come to the conclusion that a few of the tactics stated below might help parents to overcome this problem.

  • 1. Try to enroll your child in a library. Children like to be independent. Once children become library members and have their own separate library cards they will willingly want to go the library and issue books on their own for themselves.
  • 2. Take you child to the local Sunday bazaar or second hand bookshop in you area. Let them choose their choice of books first. On subsequent visits you can assist your children bin choice of books.
  • 3. Reward them for each book they complete. Buy them their favorite ice cream or their favorite movie on successful completion of their books.
  • 4. Set up a small library corner in their room so that they can keep their favorite books over there neatly.
  • 5. Read out stories to them preferably in the night before they go to sleep.
  • 6. Children emulate their parents .So most importantly if you don’t read yourself your child will never develop a  keen interest in reading himself.
  • So this summer, embark on a wonderful and remarkable new journey of reading books.

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