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7 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress - Most Effective SEO Plugins Collection

Today, there are almost 200 million blogs on the web. If you have one then you can understand the need of search engine optimization also called SEO which is all about structuring your blog contents. The best SEO you do, the best rankings in search engines you get. There are many ways for external SEO however internal SEO is also an important thing. It has been proven that no matter how useful and well organized your blog is, If your Blog SEO is not exception, search engines are not gonna love your blog at all.

SEO on WordPress and SEO on websites is much different however fortunately many developers have developed SEO plugins to make the optimization strategy easy. Most of these plugins are free and some are paid however the primary focus of all these plugin is better search engine optimization. Here are 7 most effective and best SEO plugins for WordPress blogging platform.

1- All in one SEO Pack

All in one SEO Pack is one of the most used and most popular plugin used in WordPress for SEO. This really easy to use and have very user-friendly interface. Blog Title optimization is one of the greatest jobs you can done using this plugin. This plugin also sets different META tags and descriptions for different posts. This plugin has been used on more than 8 million blogs so you can understand the reputation of this plugin easily. You can download this plugin for free from here

2- SEO Ultimate

This plugin is really for ultimate SEO of your blog. It has an awesome feature "Canonicalizer" which extends your blog's native canonical features which helps Search engines in better indexing of your blog. This also makes you able to setup a robot.txt file as it has a built-in robot.txt file editor. Robot.txt file is used to control search engines what to index and what not to index so this plugin gives you good control on blog indexing by search engines. This works well with the combination of "All in One SEO Pack" plugin. You can download this plugin from here

3- SEO Friendly Images

Image optimization is often neglected however if you do the Search engine optimization in your blog. You will likely have more visitors and more money from your blog as Image search engines are also widely used such as Google Images, Yahoo Images, Bing Images search engine. SEO Image is the best plugin to optimize your images for search engines. This plugin automatically ads ALT and Titletags to each image. Download this plugin from here. Furthermore, there is another method forautomatic image SEO using a JavaScript.

4- SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links is a trusted by half a million bloggers for better Search Engine optimization. This plugin automatically links keywords of your new posts with your older posts which is the best and easiest way of search engine optimization. You can also target selected keywords and also can set "nofollow" attribute. This also allows you to open links in new window "_blank". You can download this plugin from here.

5- Google XML Sitemaps

Used by more than 5 million WordPress blogs, Google XML Sitemaps is one of the most used an popular plugin helping bloggers for better optimization and fast indexing. This plugin creates XML sitemaps for Google which assist Google robots in indexing and crawling your blog posts. This also assists Robots of Bing, Yahoo, so you can use it for better crawling in all major search engines. Download this plugin from here.

6- WP No External Links

WP No External Links is a useful plugin for those who want to remove links behind external links and only want to keep the text. It means, this will remove the external hyperlinks and will stable your Google page rank. You can download this plugin for free form here.

7- Platinum SEO Pack

"Platinum SEO Pack" comes with plenty of useful features such as generating meta tags automatically, helping you in optimization of post titles for search engines and warning you for duplicate contents. Overall, this helps you a lot in optimizing your blog for search engines. You can download this plugin for your WordPress blog from here.

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