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7 Most Common Types of Blog Posts

Blogging can be considered as an art of making, writing and managing it. Blogs are online journals or diaries. Some people keep them personal while others write them for public. Blogs that are written for public give information about a particular topic. Such blogs should be fresh, original and attention grabber. Some people write blogs to earn some quick and good money. Many people have found success through blogging. When blogging is done properly, it generates online traffic to websites, which makes the blogger earn some money in the long run.

If the basic purpose of your blog is to attract more visitors to your blog, then here are seven types of blog posts that you can write in order to keep your blog interesting and catchy. There is no definite rule of doing a blog but one thing is sure that by writing different types of blogs, you will be able to increase followers and encourage comments.

Type 1 - The Quick Tips Blog Post

The quick tips blogs are short blogs of 100-250 words. These are written in a very short time and hence these are called “Quick tips”. In these blogs, the author tends to give certain tips on any particular subject. For example, tips on how to lose weight or tips on how to be successful in business.

Type 2- The Review Blog Post

Reviews of products or services are very useful for readers who shop online. Reading these blogs influences their decision of buying that particular product or service. Also, if you review a product in a good way, you get an opportunity to make a commission from each sale of that product. While writing this type of blog, the main focus should be on the benefits and highlights of the products. To make your blog look genuine, you can also include features of the product that can be improved.

Type 3 - The How to Blog Post

The focus of this type of blog is to give detailed information to the readers on how to do a particular thing. This type of blog gives step-by-step instruction on certain issues.

Type 4 - The Resource Blog Post

The resource blog posts are the most preferred blog posts by the readers because they can easily find the information they are looking for.

Type 5 - The Interview Blog Post

In the interview blog post, the author writes about the results of an interview taken. The readers love these blogs especially when the interview is of a person they love or admire.

Type 6 - The Best of Blog Post

In this type of blog, the author writes about the end of seasons or the end of a year. The author writes about best of books, best of music or best of events, etc. These blogs are fun to read and are able to grab the attention of the readers.

Type 7 - The Personal Story Blog Post

These blogs contain personal stories like how did someone buy a product or how was the seminar. The author can mention about a mishap or achievements or activities.

Blog writing requires some basic writing skills and basic English. These blogs are a good source of information for readers. Writing blogs is very interesting and people get addicted to writing them.

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