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7 Most Commonly Used Passwords - Interesting Facts about Passwords

Mark Burnett from Xato has done some interesting research on passwords. He, from his research, has prepared a list of most common used passwords. Results of his research are very interesting, these are not mere passwords but also tells the nature and mentality of internet users. Here is list of most common passwords used by general public. Here are some interesting facts gleaned from Mark Burnett's most recent data.

Worlds Most Used Passwords

  • 4.7% of users have the password password;
  • 8.5% have the passwords password or 123456;
  • 9.8% have the passwords password123456 or 12345678;
  • 14% have a password from the top 10 passwords
  • 40% have a password from the top 100 passwords
  • 79% have a password from the top 500 passwords
  • 91% have a password from the top 1000 passwords
You get the entire list of 10,000 most common used passwords from here

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