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7 Social Bookmarking Sites a Blogger Must Join to Increase Traffic

When it comes to Blogging, traffic is the main factor and it can be gained by many strategies. I know we can buy thousands of visitors via Google AdWords or Traffic Exchanges however its better to focus on SEO of your blog because in that way, you can get thousands of visitors for free. Traffic and SEO both depends on number of factors however "Social Bookmarking" is the most important and common factor in both. You can make your blog SEO better and get a lots of traffic by joining popular Social Bookmarking sites. Here is a list of 10 most popular bookmarking websites you must join.

1- Twitter

Yes! i know its not a social bookmarking website and its a micro-blogging service BUT twitter has become a social bookmarking too. People add your accounts in lists and follow links you post in your tweets. Twitter's hashtag system is also one of the best way to get traffic from twitter. You must create a twitter account and tweet links of your blog posts. You dont have to do this manually. You can tweet your blog posts to twitter automatically, this is also called auto tweeting. Its really easy and painless way to get traffic and improve your search engine optimization.
Alexa Ranking: 9
Pagerank: 9

2- DIGG is second most popular social bookmarking website. Its serving more than 26 million unique visitors per month. So, its a good chance for you to grab at least few thousands visitors from this website by submitting your website links into DIGG. This will also improve your Pagerank and SEO.
Alexa Ranking: 149
Pagerank: 8

3 - StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is one of popular social bookmarking websites however this is also most neglected traffic source. Most of bloggers do not place StumbleUpon button on their articles and also do not submit their blog posts in the website directly. This way, they lost chance to get traffic from a website who is receiving 18 million unique visitors per month. Make sure you have a StumbleUpon button on your blog and dont forget to submit your blog links in StumbleUpon.
Alexa Ranking: 105
Pagerank: 8

4 - Reddit

This is yet another most popular social bookarmking and social news website. This website was launched in 2005 and today this is one of most popular website. Reddit also allows you to submit your blog posts and by doing this, you can reach a large number of people. Its another good way to get free traffic.
Alexa Ranking: 128
Pagerank: 8

5- Delicious

Delicious is another good way to get traffic doing Social Bookmarking. It has about 6 million unique visitors per month traffic and you can easily get few hundreds visitors per day from this website. All you have to do is, keep bookmarking your blog posts to Delicious. 
Alexa Ranking: 300
Pagerank: 8

6- Tweetmeme

Tweetmeme is most neglected but one of the most powerful way to get traffic. Its a simple aggregator website which aggregates all the popular links on Twitter. TweetMeme categorizes links into Categories, Subcategories and Channels. All you have to do is, place retweet button and your links will automatically be catch by tweetmeme.
Alexa Ranking: ~400+
Pagerank: 6

7- FriendFeed

This is something really painless. You don't have to submit your website links manually as will  aggregate updates via Feeds. It was developed by former Google employees but its currently owned by Facebook.
Alexa Ranking: ~800+
Pagerank: 8

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