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7 Tips to Make Your Blog Fascinating and Earn Money

Blogging is a concept which has developed tremendously nowadays and is adopted by many so as to post events, views, content of different kinds etc. It can be maintained in the form of a website or a part of the website. The main feature of a blog is that the content posted on the blog is available and can be viewed in the reverse-chronological order. The best known blog has add on feature where one has an option to provide comments or suggestions thus making the blog a two way communication channel making it more effective. In a recent survey done, it has been found that there are around 156 million public blogs that exist till February 2011. 

Basic points and Guideline

Though there is no strict guideline which needs to be followed but there are some basic points which must be taken into account to make blogging interesting and successful.These are mentioned below:

  1. A blog can be interesting and successful if contains content which is interesting and exceptional;
  2. The blog is generally content specific and thus must communicate the same. For example, some contents are informative and some are made just for fun or discussions. The target audience must be selected carefully and must be written in the way that justify the basis of the blog;
  3. Further, the information which is provided in the blog must be correct and written honestly so as to build a repo amongst its viewers;
  4. It is better to write your own stuff rather than providing links which leads to other websites for information and content;
  5. To avoid any legal issues with respect to copyright infringement etc, it is better to provide proper referencing and acknowledgement within the blog. It is the best way to communicate that the original source lies somewhere else and the content provided is just a brief view of the same;
  6. The best way to make your blog interesting and communicative is write the content in small paragraphs; and
  7. Wherever possible try to depict your content with the help of photographs, pictures and videos

Thus, these are some of the tips which can follow to make a blog interesting and popular. However, the blog is not only used to share information, rather, it can be used to earn money.

There are several ways in which this can be done

  • When the original content is communicated it makes the blog popular leading to traffic;
  • Apart from that there are certain advertisement programmes which can be made part of the blog;
  • Money can be earned by allowing traffic to the blog which can be done in several ways. Such as:
  • The best way to increase traffic is by commenting on the blogs of others;
  • One can register his/her blog with certain blog networks, search engines, forums, social sites etc;

Thus, it can be said that blogging is a trend which is part of everyone’s life and thus must be done efficiently and effectively.

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