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Add a ''Recommended Post Slide'' in Blogger / Blogspot

Every blogger and webmaster wants to keep the visitor glued on the website for a maximum time. BloggerPlugins recently introduced a very interesting way to keep the visitors on your blog. They introduced a plugin, a notification plugin, that appears on the blog and recommend your blog users to read another related article. The best thing about this plugin is, its really simple and eye-catching.

Earlier, the idea was developed by Mary Lou, later bloggerplugins made a number of modifications in the plugin in order to let the plugin work more properly. Here is how the recommended article notification will appear like;


How to Add this Widget?

Its really easy to use this plugin on your blog. Simply click on the picture below and it will add the widget in your desired blog.

For additional modifications and customizations in the plugin, you can visit the developers post here.

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