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Best Free Software to Hide Files and Folders in Windows

Whenever one thinks of hiding some files in Windows, the first thing that comes to their mind is to change their property of the required file or folder to hidden. However, this is not a full proof method that can only help you trick the novice users but you cannot save your files using it from the experienced users. So, one can instead use a third party tool that is available for free over the net. One such software is the "Free Hide Folder" that enables you to hide your files in a much secured way along with additional protection.

How it works

  • To begin with, download the application from here. After you begin with the installation, the tool will prompt you for a password. You will be required to enter this password every time you launch the free hide folder application. This implies only those who know the password can access the files and folders and hide or unhide them.

  • However, this is no way implies that you will have to launch the tool every time you boot your system to hide the files again. Once you hide some files, you need to start the program only to unhide and access them or hide some more files and folders.
  • This doesn't mean that you need to run "Free Hide Folder" every time you start your computer for the files to stay hidden. You only need to start the program whenever you want to add or remove files/folders from hiding.
  • As far as using the software is concerned it is very easy. Start the program and then press the add button to select the required file/folder. That’s it. To unhide them again, you just need to press the unhide button once.

  • The program has some other utilities also. One can take a backup of their hidden files using the software itself. Just click on the backup button. The contents of the selected files and folders are stored using the extension .fhf. You can restore it back using the software. Navigate to edit and then select the restore data option.

The features that gives free hide folder an edge over the others in the market is the ability to add a password. So, only the person who knows the password can use it. The best part is one need to enter the password to start the program itself. So those who do not know it cannot even know which files are actually hidden.

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