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Best Tips to Promote Your OLD Blog Posts (Wordpress-Blogger)

Blogging is all about bringing latest and up-to-date posts on your selected niche. But what about our previous posts ? on which we worked so hard. Its a good option to keep promoting your old blog posts and keep writing new blog posts. In this way, you will not only get more traffic to your blog but your revenue generation system will also boost up. Wordpress or Blogger, whatever your blogging platform is, you must promote your old blog posts. Here are some of most useful tips and plugins to promote your previous blog work and earn additional money.

Wordpress Blogs - Promote Old Posts

There is a plugin called "Old Post Promoter" which is designed specially for WordPress blogs by BTE. It promotes older blog posts automatically by returning them to the homepage of your blog so that your blog readers could read your old posts. It also sends old blog posts in top of RSS feeds so that Search Engines could crawl your old posts if not crawled already. This plugin randomly chooses a post from the eligible posts in the blog and updates the publication timestamp on the post.
Promot Old Posts - Download and Details LINK

Blogger Blogs - Promote Old Posts

Well, we all know blogger does not support plugins as WordPress do. So there are limited but working tips to promote your old blogger posts. 

  • Go to Your Blogger account, Click on EDIT Posts, Select any Older Post and change its time and date to current date and time. This way, post will appear on frontpage of your blog and rss feed.
  • Go to Settings and click on Add a Gadget. Now place an "Archive" gadget. Archive pages include your all work. Search engine will find links to your older posts by visiting archive pages.

General Tips that Work for Wordpress and Blogger Both

Dont forget to interlink (hyperlink) your new posts with old posts using suitable keywords. It will help your readers and search engines to find your old work. Dont forget, its not only use who wants to promote old posts, there may be so many blog visitors of you who may be interested in your old posts. So, never ignore promoting old posts using hyperlinks.

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