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Check the Rating of a College or University in UK (A+, A rated or B Sponsored)

Now a days, every one is leaving no stone unturned for a bright and safe future, for this, One must study hard in a trusted and prominent college or University. People are much interested in studying in some UK College or University. I have already published a step by step guide to get a UK visasuccessfully. One of the most important thing for getting a UK Visa is, you must choose a Highly Trusted College or University in UK. UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) is the authority who ranks the colleges and Universities of United Kingdom. A College or University can be either, Highly Trusted (also called A+), A Trusted or B sponsored.

For successful VISA, one must apply at a Highly Trusted College or University because students who applies in Highly Trusted colleges and Universities have high ratio of VISA approvals. There are few A rated colleges as well who have good repute however always try to approach a Highly Trusted College. Other A rated and B sponsored colleges can be risky as your VISA may be denied by embassy or later college may be shutdown for any reason.

How to Check Rating of College if It is Highly Trusted, A rated or B Sponsored

UKBA ranks the college and universities with the passage of time. Ranking of colleges and Universities change with the repute of the institution (if they fulfill UKBA rules). Here is how you can check if any organization is licensed under Tier 4 Students and whether they are Highly Trusted, A-rated or B-rated.

  • Open This Website. It includes the official ranking list of College and Universities.
  • All Colleges and Universities are listed alphabetically along with ranking.
  • You can also check a particular college or University ranking by pressing CTRL+F keys from your keyboard and then enter the Full name of College or University.

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