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Check Your Actual Internet Connection Speed For Free

Internet is one of the top mediums of communication, its not only used for communication but it has also become a source of entertainment and a business need. As it has become a necessity of life so every one has a personal connection in their homes. Depending on your need, you can demand connection of any speed from your ISP (internet service provider). ISP commits speed that you order in your DSL (digital subscriber line). But even after ordering 10mb connection, your internet connection still irritates you as videos still stuck at buffering and websites still load slowly.


Reason is simple, your ISP (Internet service provider) does not give you the committed speed as they give you a shared connection and there may be so many users that are using the same IP (internet protocol). You can check the actual speed of your internet connection.

How to Check Your Internet Connection Speed ?

There are many online tools to check actual internet connection speed but the easiest way to check internet speed is by following the below given method. 
  • Simply Open
  • You will see two texts as "Begin Test Recommended Server" and "Begin Your Preferred Server"
  • Now click on "Begin Test Recommended Server" and wait for few seconds.
  • After few seconds, this free online tool will tell you Your actual Internet speed in Mbs.

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