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Convert 2D Images to 3D Pictures with Simple JavaScript

We see 3D movies, 3D cartoons and even there are 3D Televisions in the market and reason is simple, we love Technology and innovations. In this 3D generation, did you ever wish to convert 2D Images to 3D images ? well, you dont need a 3D camera or 3D equipments to make 3D images. Here is a simple Javascript which will convert normal pictures to 3D images. You dont even need a software to install.

There is a bookmarklet by Mark Beasley called 333DDD which allows you to convert 2d pics to 3D images. If you have pair of 3D glasses then you will find this trick really awesome. All you need to do is, Bookmark the below given link (there is a JavaScript in that link), whenever you are viewing a page and want to see images in 3D, simply click on that bookmarked script and images will be turned into anaglyph images which will give effect of 3D images.

Convert 2D Images to 3D Pictures with Simple JavaScript

  • Drag and DROP below given link into your Bookmarks menu.

  • Open picture (lets test Google images) and click on the bookmarked link. All images will be converted to 3D automatically.

Without 3D Glasses, images will look strange, your are highly recommended to view 3D stuff in 3D glasses to have fun at best :)

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