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Convert Text to Mp3 Audio File Online for Free - Text to Speech

Do you want to convert text to audio file ? or even desiring to convert an entire text file to mp3 audio speech ? Good News for you! now you can do this online using a free tool. Actually, Windows also provide this utility however Windows Text speech is not much attractive so here is an online alternative of Windows text speech. You can easily use this tool and convert any text or text file into audio file plus you can choose the voice of male or female even can select the age of the female or male so that you audio speech could have perfection according to your need.

How to Convert Text to Mp3 online ?

There are three methods you can use to convert text into an audio speech

  1. Open a Notepad file and write whatever you want to be converted into audio file.
  2. Type directly to that website and say them to convert into audio speech
  3. Import text from a RSS Feeds

You can select the method of your choice however , i followed method number 2 "typed directly". Now

  • Open Online-Text-To-Speech website and give your text a life by converting them into audio file.
  • Thats it :)

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