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Download Facebook Chat Messenger (Official App)

Facebook has released a brand new Facebook Chat Messenger as a trial application. This FB Messenger is developed specially for Windows and you can with this application, you can chat with your Facebook friends directly from this application. Facebook messenger gives you many options other than chat i.e. you can see latest updates from your Facebook friends in ticker, you can get quick updates and notifications too.

Once you have installed Facebook Messenger, all you have to do is,  login and logout by right-clicking the Facebook icon in Windows system tray. Once you open the app, the app is unlocked by default so that you can move it around your computer screen, but you can dock the app and fix it on the screen also.

Select "Keep me logged in" option from the menu and the Messenger will keep you online in the Facebook even you close your internet browser. But keep in mind, selecting EXIT will just close the application and you will still stay online, therefore, its necessary to select LOG OUT whenever you desire to logout from Facebook messenger.

 You can download the messenger using the above link. This link will download a small size application, after downloading that small application, click on the application which will download and install entire Facebook Messenger in your computer. The application will be updated automatically. Since it is a trial version, you can expect a number of instability factors such as bugs or loading issues.

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