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Embed and Play MP3 Files in Your Blog or Website using Google

If you ever wished to embed or play an mp3 music file (song, sound track etc) in your blog or webpage then this article will be use for your because here you will come to know how you can play an mp3 song within your webpage. Google, few months ago, launched a flash mp3 player. That's a useful tool using that makes us able to embed and play mp3 files using web address of that mp3 file. You can control volumes and can pause the sound track any time. Here is how you can embed mp3 file.

How to Embed or Play Mp3 files in Blog or a web page ?

Seriously, its really easy to embed a file. We will be using Google Flash player to do this. The amazing thing about this flash player is, Google have not yet placed any branding on this player (i.e. powered by Google text). So, will hardly guess that this is powered by Google. Use below given code to embed a file.

<embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”” quality=”best” flashvars=”audioUrl=MP3link” width=”500″ height=”27″></embed>

There may be many more flash audio players available on the web however, this one is simply the best player and this is easiest way to embed mp3 files.

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