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Facebook Will Start Charging Users for its Services

Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites these days. Every day million of users browse this website. It is has offered the people to stay connected with their friends. With increasing popularity of the website, the website has added new features time and again to entice the users. Well, Facebook is no more a free website !

When Google launched its new service, Google+, Facebook added a number of features including group chat and video chat to offer a new interface. Apart from the new design, Facebook is also planning to implement a new plan i.e. it would no longer be a free service, one will have to pay a monthly charge to stay connected.

When Mark Zuckerberg had designed the website back in 2004 in his college dorm room, he would have never imagined that the site would become such a huge hit. Recently, Mark announced a host of new features that he plans to introduce in times to come. Rumors are around that he is also planning to bring the service to an end and shut the website down in the following year. He however did not comment on the topic and kept quiet about it.

If stories are to be believed then the Facebook will be closed on 15th March, 2012. But who knows if Mark has something else going on in his mind. There has been too much pressure on him and Facebook is looking for a solution to convince Mark to keep the site going.

They are planning to turn the website into a subscription-based service that will charge you a basic fee that will enable to upload only a single profile picture and just post text. The fee will vary depending on the number of your friends, the number of messages you send and post and the number of pictures, videos you upload. It is estimated that it would reach somewhere around $50 maximum. In short, the more you use the more you pay. Some stories are around that it will charge $9.99 for Gold services, $6.99 for Silver services and $3.99 for bronze services each month. One can select any of the three packs based on their usage.

However, some investors including Goldman Sachs are actually thrilled by the prospect of Facebook changing into a pay service. According to Tom Wortowski associated with Goldman Sachs this will make Facebook all the more lucrative as an investment. Those who are keeping a close eye on the industry say that if it happens, Facebook will generate more than $20 billion as revenue.

The estimates also account for the fact that a majority of users will switch to other free services if Facebook start charging its users. The executives at Facebook are not paying any heed to it and are thrilled about the new prospect. Whatever said and done, we will have to wait for 15th March 2012 that is the Facebook day to actually know if the website will charge the users or will see its final day.

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