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Google Ads for Images are Back - Luminate's limited edition

Last Google funded Luminate (formerly known as Pixazza) and most of bloggers called in AdSense for images. So many people made a lots of many using this amazing method. This was really great to make money by displaying ads on images. I, myself, tried Google AdSense for images on one of my photo-gallery blog and i earned quite nice figures without renting any additional space to Google on my blog. Later, Luminate discontinued their service temporarily but now they are back.

Image Ads App is now available for Canada, United Kingdom, and United States web traffic. This means if a person visits your site from the U.S., and your site has been approved for Image Ads App, that user would be shown an Image Overlay Ad. However, if a person visits your site from Spain or India they currently will not be shown an Image Overlay Ad. If you have any other image apps enabled on your site, the apps will be visible to all of your website visitors.

So, start earning money using your traffic from Canada, UK and USA. Hopefully  Luminate will add more countries in the list.

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