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Google Ads not Appearing in Google Chrome Browser - Bloggers at Loss

Google AdSense is no doubt top source of revenue of major websites and blogs and Google earns 99% of their total revenue from their ads as they have ad monopoly on the internet. It Looks like Google AdSense team is working on their servers or codes because several users at many places (including official AdSense forum and Digitalpoint forums) are complaining that Google's browser "Google Chrome" suddenly stops showing Google Ads for several minutes and it happens many times in a day.

This made many publishers confuse and then immediately checked their AdSense accounts if they got banned or Google disabled ad serving to their websites. However, they took a relaxing breathe to see every thing is fine with their accounts except Google Ads are not being displayed on their websites. When checked, it was found that Google Ads are not displayed only on Google Chrome and other browsers are showing ads properly. 

Its may be Google Chrome bug or Google AdSense team is making some changes for Google Chrome but its a causing a lost of revenue to their publishers as large numbers of people browse websites via Google Chrome and website owners are missing those clicks that they could have if Ads were displayed properly. Possibly, Google team is also aware of this and this issue will be fixed soon.

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