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Google AdSense Banned For Family Members (brother, sister, father etc)

We all know Google adsense is one of the most used method to make money from internet. There are several reasons behind this why people prefer to monetize their website using Google Adsense such as good click rates, payment on time, easy ad integration, relevant ads etc. However, several publishers who had bad experience with Google AdSense have some aggressive thoughts about Google Adsense money system. Actually, people who get banned by AdSense are also right because Google AdSense becomes worst sometimes. Here is an interesting story i have.

Google Allows every one to get an account for free so people create useless blogs, post useless contents and get their accounts approved, they start making money, when Google AdSense support team manually visit their website to check Quality, the publisher's account get banned. The publisher become frustrated and think like Google AdSense is the worst money making system, actually Its True, even they utter these words in aggressive behavior. Google AdSense is not a reliable money making system. If you have read their terms and conditions carefully, you will come to know they can ban any Adsense account without mentioning any reason, So, how much you follow their policies, they will ban your account when they will think like.

Normally AdSense publishers get their accounts disabled because of Invalid activity, adult contents or their account poses a significant risk to Google's advertisers. But few days ago, a strange thing happened to my younger friend who recently joined Google Adsense. He has his own blogs and a Google Adsense account. He was unaware of "estimated earning" thing that "Estimated Earning" can be different from the earning that Google verifies after the end of month. He seen a difference of about $23, so contacted Google AdSense team if they deducted taxes from his earning. 

He got the ticket number, he replied that email too where he mentioned that His Brother (me) is also Google Adsense and as Google does not deduct tax from his (my) account. When we both brothers live in same country, same town, same home, why I (my younger brother) am being charged tax amount from my account. Google AdSense support team replied with a message;

Thanks for your response. I reviewed your account and see that you've
submitted a No U.S. Activities form. Therefore, we won't be withholding
taxes. I recommend that you have a look at the 'Google AdSense: Tax
Information' page at which gives
more information.
Additionally, while reviewing your application, we found that your address
information matches a currently approved AdSense account. For AdSense
publishers in certain countries, we're only able to accept one account per
physical address. As a result, we're unable to keep your account open for
the program at this time. I'd also like to mention that you can continue to 
use AdSense through your brother's account.

He was so much frustrated to see his account disabled. So, its an alarming news to All Google Adsense Publishers, never create Two Google Adsense account with same address even with two different payee names OR never contact Google Adsense support team, they will make conditions more worst for you.

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