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Google AdSense Started Taking Issued Payments Back for Disabled Accounts

Breaking News for AdSense Publishers - Google has started taking payments back from AdSense publishers after their accounts are disabled. Earlier, Google always revoked the account balance after publisher's account is disabled however Google has started a new strategy to make their bank statements more strong. Now, they will not keep your earned money from account (when account is disabled) but they can challenge any payment they have issued to the publisher when their account was active.

Hassan is one of my closest friend who started using Google AdSense in 2009. He did it successfully and started making money with Google AdSense in the same year and got his first payment of$400+ in October 2009 via western union, this made him so happy and more passionate about Google AdSense. He shared his this achievement with his best friends, but unfortunatley his friends were actually not his friends, they could not see his success with Google AdSense. They started clicking on his website so many times daily which resulted disability of his account in the same year. 

He left using Google Adsense, few months ago, Western Union agent (from whom he picked the payment in 2009) reached to his home and said, Google wants that transaction to be cancelled and they are demanding Western Union to send $400+ back to Google. Hassan was shocked, the agent handed over all the documents that Google has sent to Western Union. Hassan tried to contact Google Adsense support but he always received Auto-replies in email. Finally he decided to refund $400+ to Western Union and after 2 months of this issue, he met with me and told me this unbelievable story and advised me "Never Go with Google AdSense"

Well, i tried to find out similar stories but i could find. May be this happened with Hassan only BUT if this can happen with Hassan, possibly this can happen with any AdSense publisher in near future.

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