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Google Adsense Updated Ads Delivery

Google Adsense is source of earning of thousands of bloggers and webmasters around the world. Whatever a blogger earns from his blog through Google Adsense, Google keeps 32% and pay remaining (i.e. 68%) amount to blogger which is a good paying rate. Now a days, Almost 1 of every 4 sites and about All blogs are using Google Adsense to generate revenue from their blogs. Due to wide use of Google Adsense, almost every one knows about Google Adsense Ad links and several people have become conseous about clicking on Google Adsense links. This thing makes Google Ads "Blind" as Google has limited ad formats and ad customization for normal adsense publishers while Premium Adsense publishers can play with customization of ads.

It seems, even Google saw a decline in their earnings because of their ads were being ignored. So, Google made several changes in their Ads delivery such as
  • Larger Fonts
  • Selection of Fonts
  • New Placement of Links
  • Removing image of "Ads by Google" from ads and placing same text in small format.
Now, its expected Google will soon introduce in-text advertising.

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