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Hamster Free Zip Archiver - Free Application to Compress Data files

One literally stores million of files on their system. These files use a huge amount of storage space. So it is always better to compress these files and then store on the system. It is also better to email compressed file only as it will save a considerable amount of bandwidth too. There is a plethora of compression agents available over the net that offer you some of the most latest and innovative features but the main turn off is that they are available under the shareware license i.e. one has to pay for the software.

There are many free tools available but then they are not at par with others. However, one such utility that is distributed as freeware and can actually replace all the other software that are available only as a trail version is the Hamster file archiver.

Hamster has an interactive interface that is extremely easy to use. One can download the Hamster installation file. It takes less than two minutes to install the utility on your system depending upon the speed of your internet connection. After you have installed it on your system successfully, you will surely find its interface different and interesting.

Hamster comes in its own installation file and takes not more than 2 minutes to install depending on your internet connection. Once installed, you will find a very attractive and fresh interface for compressing your files and folders.

How it Works

  • When you launch the application, you can observe two boxes on both the top corners. One of them is open while the other one is closed. To compress a file, navigate to the location of the desired file and then just drag and drop the file to the opened box on the Hamster window. 

    • If you don’t find this convenient, click on the closed box and then browse to the file location.

    The application has a lot of options to offer before you actually begin with the compression. One can decide the level of compression can add password to the archive to secure it and can also split the files into two.

    There is an added advantage to use Hamster over other utilities apart from being free. The compression process using Hamster is much faster compared to others reason being it utilizes all the available cores from your computer for compression. It also offers a better quality of compression.
    • You can download Hamster file Archiver from here.

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