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How Hackers Steal Your Blogspot Blogs ? Care Factors (also called is a free blogging service by Google Inc. Its one of the most used blogging platform, as its highly user friend, easy to use and 100% free, every newbie prefers to start blogging with this service. Blogger has so many features in it such as custom designs, ability to use third party templates, easy to add gadgets performing various functions or enhancing your blog beauty and readership. One of the their feature is adding "Authors"
, by adding authors, you allow other people to contribute on your blog i.e. they can write on your blog. This feature is the reason how people hack your blogs and take away from your blogger account. Only two persons can hack your blogs, One, Your friend and second a hacker. Here's how they do !

How Your Friend can Steal Your Blog ?

Your smart friend may say you that he/she wants to contribute in your blog so add him/her as author in your blog.You may think this will help in making your blog more useful for others. You add him/her in blog authors from settings > permissions option, he/she will then say you to click on, "Grant admin privileges" so that they could be more useful for your blogs. When you had given them admin privileges, they remove you from that blog, Now they own each and everything of your blog and it will be removed from your blogger account.

How a Hacker can Take your blog away from Your account ?

They also take away your blogs from your account by the same way as your friend do but they never say you to make them author or grant them admin privileges. They, first, take over your account by hacking your login details (read how people hack your email address) then, they login in your blogger account, add their other email address as author, grant privileges to them self and remove your email address from the blog and then they become proud owners of your blog.

How to Be careful ?

You can secure your blogger blogs by following these tips.
  • Never Share your blogger password with any one
  • Never "Grant admin privileges" to any author, authors can easily write for blog without admin privileges.
  • Never use same password for internet services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Blogger etc. Have a different password for all.

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