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How People Hack Facebook Accounts - You Must Know

We all know Facebook is the number one website in social networks. After its launch on February 4, 2004, in started getting popularity and after 7 years, in 2011, facebook had 600 million registered users which was a huge success. Smart, smarter and smartest, every internet user is using facebook. Some times, smart guys (newbies) dont know much about how to care for their personal information and how to secure their login details. Smartest guys (internet geeks) take benefit and steal/hack passwords of innocent facebook users. Here is how People hack facebook.

How People Hack Facebook Accounts ?

  • Your friend, standing behind you, may guess your password by looking at your keyboard when you are entering your login in your facebook.
  • Do not enter in your facebook account (or any other) from a Public computer, such as Internet cafe, Libraries, School Lab etc. Administrators of such networks may have installed "password capturing" software on the computers and they may use your accounts for their own purpose.
  • Another way how people hack facebook is via "Phishing". Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as login details by creating totally original looking fake page. For Example, hackers will create a fake facebook login page which will look exactly like original page. You will enter your login details and magically (with the help of programming) hackers will receive your login information. For example, some one share facebook phishing link with you likehttp:/// you think this just a simple facebook page as it will look perfectly like original facebook page.You will enter your login details and all information will be delivered to the hacker.
  •  Some one may email you with some exciting text and ask you to reply with your login details.Do NOT REPLY such emails, Remember, Facebook, Google, Yahoo or anyother company, does not ask your login details via email.

How to If a Page is a Phishing page ?

Its easy to know if a page is a phishing page. Look at the first part of the website address it mustHTTPS:// if it does not start with https:// do not enter your login details. Secondly, check the website address twice, it must be if there are spelling mistakes or the website address is not exactly, do no enter your login details.

Above are the most useful tips to secure your not only facebook account but these tips will also help you to use internet more wisely and securely. If you have some questions, let me know via comments.

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