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How to Block or Remove Some One on Google+ (Google Plus Tips)

All social networks including Google plus give you multiple options to manage your privacy settings. You have complete control over your social account and you can manage what kind of stuff you want to share with whom. If you dont want a person to follow you or dont want to keep a person in a circle, you can simply remove them. Not only this, but you can also block people permanently in Google+. If some one irritates you on Google+ or you dont want to let them follow you, Block them or Remove them from circles. Here is how you can do this.

How To Remove or Block Someone From All Google Plus Circles?

  • Login in Your Google+ Account
  • Click on Circles icon from the top
  • From this page, you can create a circle, remove a person from a circle and can block anyone from Google+

  • Simply, Click on the person you want to block or remove
  • Now, a number of links will appear including "Remove" link. Click on Remove to remove any person from all circles.
  • If you want to block selected person. Click on "more actions" and select "block"
  • Thats it !

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