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How to Change Your Facebook Profile Username or Email

Facebook launched 'usernames' feature in June 2009 which made every Facebook user to choose a unique username for their profiles and shorten their Facebook profile addresses from numbers to desired names. Facebook earlier did not allow users to change their profile usernames once they have chosen But now Facebook have allowed members to change Facebook username once only. Plus, you can also change your Facebook Messages email address i.e. Here is how you can do it.

What is Facebook Username ?

Facebook username allows you to change your facebook profile address



How to Get a Facebook Username ?

Once you have created your Facebook account. Go to htttp:// and select a desired username. Facebook will give you couple of available usernames, you can either choose from them or can check the availability of other desired username.
Furthermore, Facebook will give you free email address with same username i.e. if you have chosen then Facebook will give you free email address which will be

How to Change Your Username

  • Login in Your facebook account
  • Go to Account > Account Settings
  • Now click on 'Change' written infront username
  • Simply, select your new Facebook username and Save it.

How to Change Your Facebook Messages Email

Your email address will be the same as of your username. If your username is ABCDEF then your email address will be, if you change your username to XYZ then your email address will also be changed automatically.

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