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How to Check Fake Pagerank of any Website or Blog

Page Rank is one of the factors used to determine the ranking of a page in Google's search. It is extremely important and essential to check fake Page Rank before you consider buying a website. The reason is quite simple. It is not hard to make fake Page Rank.PageRank or PR is a numeric value that Google gives to a particular web page. It can range between 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest value. A Page Rank 7 website holds more credibility than a Page Rank 6 domain.

How Is Page Rank Value Calculated?

Page Rank is calculated in a very simple way that is on the basis of your votes. Page rank is directly proportional to the number of votes. Whenever a website puts a link to your site on their page, Google counts that as a vote for your site. The more links or votes you get, the higher your Page Rank will be. Apart from votes Google also takes into account the Page Rank of sites from where those links came from. A link placed on high-Page Rank websites will be counted as an important link and will increase your chances for a higher PageRank for your site too.

To check the Page Rank of a certain page, you need to install the Google Toolbar on your browser. Every time a page is loaded, the PageRank indicator on the toolbar tells you what its PageRank is. Other websites that offer this service include

How to Check for Fake PR

To catch a fake PageRank is quite simple and easy. Below are the steps:
  • Go to and enter info:
  • Check the same domain, this time without the www If a different name appears on the search results, this means that the domain has been redirected and has a fake PR. With the above information, it will now be easier for you to understand what a website's PR is all about and how to check fake PageRank. It is a very useful tool in helping you decide on which websites or domains to buy.

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