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How to Create 4 Char and illy Yahoo IDs and Nicknames for Chatroom

Yahoo! is best known for email service and Chat rooms their provide. Daily, thousands of people use their chat rooms to make new friends or stay in contact with their beloved once. Yahoo developers always try their best to keep the chat rooms clean from auto bots, clients and booters. These are kind of software which may interrupt the chat room environment by spamming links or either by other activities. These Chat rooms are not only used by spammers but many chat-passionate people also use these chat rooms daily. 

To Look special and to stand out from crowd, many chatters create some highly interesting and attractive Yahoo IDs which may be more than just a funky nickname. 3char (three characters), 4char(four characters) and _illy_ (illegel) are kind of Yahoo IDs which mostly used by chat-passionate people. Now, the question is How they create such IDs ?

How to Create 3char or 4char Yahoo! IDs?

People have create billions of IDs and Email addresses on Yahoo so definitely all those 3char and4char IDs are already taken by people. So, its not possible to create a Yahoo! ID directly using "Sign up" form. Following is example of such IDs.
  • tkg
  • tc4z
  • tcp6
  • lqkb
There are many Yahoo hacking kind of forums where people are either selling or gifting 3char and4char Yahoo! IDs. You can ask those people if they can gift you a free ID. Moreover, many forums may offer you software and applications to create 3char and 4char IDs. Dont use these software, they are full of Trojan viruses.

How to Create Yahoo illy IDs?

Yahoo! illy IDs are kind of illegal IDs which are created by tweaking Yahoo! Databases or by other tricks. Following IDs are examples of Yahoo Illy IDs
  • ___smart_
  • devil________
  • _-_john_-_
You can create such IDs only If you have a Master Rogers yahoo account ( ex: ). If you such account then follow these instructions.

  • Login at
  • Go to My Account
  • Create normal Secondary account and Delete it
  • Now, Wait for 24 hours to one week
  • After this period, Login again using the deleted account username password.
  • Now you create as many illy IDs as you want ;)
  • Thats it :P

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