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How to Create a Fake Virus to Fool Your Friends

Virus is something we all dread of. None of us want these unwanted programs on our system to infect our files and data. The vrus attacks can be so harmful sometime that you can end up losing all your data or even worse it can also lead to a system crash. However, how many of us know that we can create our own little fake virus very easily. You just need to write some simple commands in a notepad file. When someone opens the file, the virus will prompt them that all their files is deleted and their system is destroyed but nothing happens in reality. This prank will definitely scare the hell out of your friends. So, lets start creating a our fake virus. 

What to do ?

  • Open Notepad application (Click on Start select RUN type notepad and press enter) and then type in the following commands:
@echo off 
msg * Warning!!! All your computer data will be deleted within 5 minutes. To save your files from deletion immediately press the OK button.
shutdown -r -t 10 -c "Sorry!!! Cannot abort the deletion process. The files have already been deleted..."

  • In the above command, 10 refer to the time in seconds after which the system will be restarted. You can set it to any desired value. You can also change the messages and set them to anything you want to display on the computer screen.

After you are done with typing the command, save this file with any desired name and the extension.bat. For example, abc.bat So, whenever someone will open the file by double clicking on it, the script written in the file will be executed automatically and the system will be restarted after the specified number of seconds.

Note: It is just a fake virus that displays a message on your system and restarts it. It is in no way harmful for you system or laptop. After it restarts your system, it will work normally again, keeping intact all your files and data as it was. So, email it to all your friends and start fooling them.

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