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How to Create Multiple Folders and Sub Folders within few Seconds

There must have been times when you find a number of different kinds of files all stored in a single folder. These files create so much confusion and are required to be sorted out in separate folders. So below we describe two different methods with which you can make multiple folders along with sub-folders, at once. These methods will surely save a lot time that you would have spent in creating the folders. Here is what you have to do for creating multiple folders and sub-folders within few seconds.

Using an Application

The first method involves using a third party application called "Text 2 Folders". Text 2 Folders is a light weight utility tool that is very effective to make multiple folders along with sub folders. To begin, you need to select a root folder where you want to create the other folders. To create the folders you need to create a notepad files wherein you will mention the names of all the folders and the nested folders.

For Example: Lets suppose we want two folders "Music" and "Videos" and we also want to create 2 sub-folders in "Music" folder. Lets suppose those two sub-folders are "Hip Hop" and "Jazz" then notepad file will look like

Save the text file with any desired name. Then launch the "Text 2 Folders" application. It will ask you for the root folder and text file. In the root field, enter the path of the root folder and in the second field enter the path of the text file created. 

Then press the Create Folders button and your task is done. You can download "Text 2 Folders" application from here.

You can also create folders and sub-folders using "Using Batch (BAT) Command" method however that is not user friendly and it takes a lot of time.

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