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How to disable Google+ Button from Google Adsense ads

Google launched the all new social networking platform Google+. No one had ever expected that it would receive such a great response. However, people welcomed it with open arms and had tried every possible ticks and trips when the registration on the website was closed. Then, Google+ button was introduced that helps you to market your articles, products or services in your social circle.

Recently, the Google+ button is also added to the Google adsense ads. Now, one can see the Google+ button on a majority of pictures, flash and animated ads. Readers can hit the +1 button. When someone clicks on the button, all the users will see his or her picture below the ad further on. Moreover one can refer the ad to their friends and those added in their circles. This helps in increasing the CTR generating increased revenue for the publishers.

However, the Google adsense advertisements are found on almost every second website, so, you get a little irritated by seeing so many +1 buttons on the same page. It may hinder your browsing experience. So, instead you can actually disable the button and remove them ads. You just need to make some modification in the settings.

You need to browse to the adsense interface. Navigate to and then disable the social ads preference settings.

At the moment, there is no need to make any changes. It is better that one gets used to the new adsense interface as Adsense team has already announced that they will ditch the old interface by mid November.

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