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How to Download All Images from a Tumblr Blog

Tumblr is one of the most popular microblogging service used by millions of photo bloggers. As Tumblr is mostly used by photo bloggers, people use it to find amazing images. Browsing all images would take a lots of time for sure, so it would be effective to download all those images you like and view them easily from a folder within your computer.

Tumblripper is a very small application (11 KB in size) and its really cool software. This application helps you to download all images from any tumblr blog. This application not even requires installation, just download the zip file and execute it to download the photos.


  • You dont need to install this application as its a StandAlone application
  • Automatically download all photos from a given Tumblr blog.
  • Will try to retrieve the 500px photo, else 400, 300 or the 250.
  • Only photos you don't already have yet will be downloaded.
  • As light as possible on the tumblr servers (in fact it will cause less load than a normal visitor).
  • Will keep a small text file in the saved directory with the blog URL to easily update.
  • Keep the original dates from the original upload !

In first address bar, select the folder where you want to save the pictures and in second address bar, type the Tumblr blog URL, from where you want to download all the images. One click and all the photos from that Tumblr blog will be downloaded in your computer.

So its time to have all those amazing pictures from tumblr to your computer BUT keep in mind, all those images will be the property of someone and you would care for copyrights.

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