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How to Embed Angry Birds Game on Your Blog

Now you can embed popular game Angry Birds on your blog or any website. You can easily embed this game on your website, All you have to do is get the code from angry birds' official Facebook app page. You need to play any level of Angry Birds that you want to embed on your website or blog. Just and play the game.

For example; I want to embed level 5 of the game on my page, I will have to first play that level and at the end of Level 5, I will get the embed code of that level. You don't need to be champion of that level, I mean you succeed or fail in any level, you will get the embed code to share you experience with you Facebook friends or to embed on your blog.

Clicking on EMBED button will show you an HTML code that will display this game where you will place this code.  

There is a limitation, you can only embed a single level on your blog and once your some one has played that level, he is prompted to visit the Facebook page to play the full game. Moreoever, when you try to click on "large screen" to view embedded game in full screen view, you will be redirected to angry birds' Facebook page.





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