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How to Enable Mobile-Friendly Templates On Blogger Blogs

Today, when telecom companies have made internet available on mobile devices, every internet users have started exploring the internet on their Mobile devices. realized the need of a mobile-friendly blogs so they introduced clean Mobile-templates for every blogspot blog. Blogger offers 6templates for mobiles, You can choose any of those 6 templates plus can create a custom template as well. Earlier, Blogger kept this feature in DRAFT but later they made this available to everyone. One must use this feature to make their blogs mobile-friendly.

How to Enable Mobile-Template in Blogger?

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Email & Mobile
  • Select the First option "Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices"
  • Select any template from the menu

  • You can also click on Preview to view how your blog will look like
  • Click on Save Settings and you're done !

All Blogger blogs have a mobile-version optimized for WebKit browsers. You can easily enable Mobile-template from your Blog settings as mention above. If a blogger has not enabled Mobile-version, you can still view the blog in mobile-template by adding ?m=1 in end of blog address such as Open Isn't good ? :)

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