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How to Get Rid of the New Facebook Ticker

After the launch of Google+, Facebook has been introducing a whole new range of features to keep the users enticed. Some of them have been already introduced while it plans to introduce a host of them soon which it talked about in the f8 Developer conference. The features that has been introduced already include the chat features like group chats and video chats, the subscribe button, the twitter auto updates and the ticker.

Out of all, the Ticker is the most talked about features. The ticker appears in the right side of your screen on top of the chat box and it displays every latest update from all your friends in real-time. However, majority of people do not like the new feature and are looking out for alternatives to revert back to the previous features. Some of them find it completely irritating. One could have changed their account settings but that has also become quite complicated.

Since so many people hated the new Ticket, there is actually a way to remove the Ticker using a Google Chrome extension. As, the name suggests, it is Google Chrome plug-in so the ones using Firefox or Internet Explorer will have to wait. So what, if you are not using Chrome then you can switch to it for a temporary basis to check Facebook at least.

There is Chrome extension that is called the Facebook News Ticker Remover. The name says it all. The extension is distributed under the freeware license making it all the more preferable. Just download the extension from the web store and install it on your browser. Now restart the browser and log in to Facebook. You will be surprised to see that there is no Ticker box.

Those who are using Firefox or Explorer needs to be a little more patient, as the developer’s are developing extensions for them also which would be available soon.

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