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How to Get UK VISA Successfully From Pakistan - Step to Step Guide

In today's world, education is what you need to have a bright future. People know this thing and continually study in their field which is really good, but due to unawareness people forget an important thing that for bright future, one must have done a degree from a highly reputed university or college. Those who have awareness about this fact, they always prefer to study in highly reputed University. No doubt, Pakistan has number of highly reputed Universities such as IBA, LUMS, NUST, King Edwards etc and they are considered the best universities in Pakistan. But several people prefer to study abroad such as UK, Australia etc for the seek of bright future. Here is what you should do if you are willing to apply for a UK Visa.

Things You Should Have before Applying for a UK Visa !

UK Study visa is called Tier 4 (General) Visa. Following are important documents you must have before applying for Tier 4 (General) VISA.

  • Passport
  • Bank Statement
  • Verified Documents
  • Selection of College
  • Offer Letter From College
  • CAS Letter
  • Required Points for Successful VISA
  • VISA Application Form


A Passport is government issued document that certifies identity and citizenship of the holder. Passport is must-have document to travel to or from foreign countries under Government protection. So, as its compulsory document, you first, have apply for a passport. Click Here to get the address of Nearest Passport Office.

Bank Statement

Bank statement is record of all transactions occurring during a certain time period. UK Border Agency (the authority who approve or deny UK Visa) requires a decent bank statement so that the person who is willing to study in UK, should bear his all living and study expenses. UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) requires 800 pounds per month bank statement if you are applying for London and 600 pounds if you are applying for outer London (city other than London). You must have paid full fee of course of year 1.

Bank Statement Calculation

Lets suppose you are going for a degree program in London and its fee is 5000 pounds per year. The degree program duration is 3 years. Now, college will normally require 50% payment of 1st year fee in advance which is 2500 pounds. Now bank statement calculation will be

For London:

Remaining Course Fees of Year 1:  2500 pounds
Living Expenses as UKBA requires: 7200 pounds (800x9= 7200, UKBA requires 9 month expenses bank statement if you file a VISA for more than 1 year) ssD
Total Bank Statement Required: 9700 pounds

For outer-London (City other than London):

Remaining Course Fees of Year 1:  2500 pounds
Living Expenses as UKBA requires: 5400 pounds (600x9= 7200, UKBA requires 9 month expenses bank statement if you file a VISA for more than 1 year) ssD
Total Bank Statement Required: 7900 pounds

So, according to above calculation, you require 9700 pounds bank statement if you are applying for London, or 7900 pounds if your college is any other city and you are applying for outer London.
Note:28 Days Bank Statement is Required which means you must have deposited the required amount in your account before 28 days of filing a VISA. Ones VISA in your hands, you may withdraw all your money from account.

Verification of Documents:

Your all previous educational documents such as metric certificate, intermediate certificate, graduation degree etc must be verified. Read our detailed instructions on How to Verify Matric and Intermediate Result Cards and How to Verify Your Degree.


IELTS is Internal English Level Testing system which is an international standardised test of English language proficiency. This testing system was established in 1989 and is managed by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the British Council and IDP Education Pty Ltd. IELTS tests the ability to listen, read, write and speak in English. There are total 9 possible bands for each band. You must get 5.5 in each module and 5.5 overall to apply for UK VISA successfully. Suppose you get 5.5 overall band score but scored a 5 in any module, You will not be eligible for admission in most of colleges. You must have 5.5 in each module. You may choose British Council or AEO as your test conductors.

Selection of College

Selection of well reputed college is important. UKBA has categorized colleges into different ranks such as A+  rated (highly rated), A Rated and B Sponsor colleges. Always apply in A+ (highly rated) college otherwise VISA approval team may reject your VISA if you apply in some A rated or B rated college. You can check College ratings from the official website of UKBA

Admission Letter or Approval Letter

Once you have selected a highly trusted college, send your documents to them for admission and they will send an admission letter where they will mention course duration, course fee, regulations etc. They will also mention the amount on the payment of which you will be able to secure the admission successfully. Simply, make arrangements of the amount and make the payment using suitable medium.

CAS Letter (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)

Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies is unique number which is assigned to a Student by UKBA. UK Border Agency then deliver that number to the college and the college sends that unique number to the student. Ones you have paid the fee mentioned in your Approval letter, your college will issue CAS letter within 3 to 5 days.

Required Points for Successful VISA

You need total 40 points to get VISA successfully. If you have a CAS letter, you get 30 points, If you have a valid Bank statement having required balance, you get 10 more points totaling 40. So, All you need to have a CAS Letter and a Bank Statement to get your VISA successfully.

File Your VISA

Everything is sorted out ? Now its time to Go to VISA office (FedEx in Lahore) and submit your case. They will call you within 3-4 weeks and will give you a GOOD (or may be a bad) News regarding your VISA. They will give you a VISA but unfortunately if they dont, you still have a chance to appeal for a VISA again. VISA Filing fees is about Rs. 39,000/- which is non-refundable. However, college will return your fee after some deduction of charges if you fail to get a VISA.

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