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How to Get Your Google Adsense Disabled Account Back – Solution

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money on the internet that is why every blogger and website owner uses Google Adsense to get best from his/her blog/website. As Google Adsense is used on wide level so many people use this money machine in wrong way that can be harmful for Google Advertisers. So, to keep black sheep away from this system, Google Accounts are disabled to protect advertisers and other publishers as well. As Google has some parameters and click-map measuring software, so many times Accounts of innocent people are disabled.

If, You are one of those innocent guys whose accounts are disabled for nothing, here is how you can get your disabled accounts back with earned money in it and If you know your account was disabled because of your silly mistake or over smartness, dont read rest of the article. A reinstating procedure is more like proving the Google AdSense team that it wasn't you who made the fraud and you have nothing to do with any type of terms and policies breaking actions.

How to Get Disabled Adsense Account Back ?

  • Do not reply to the first horrifying and heart breaking e-mail telling you your AdSense account has been disabled, Google will never reply you.
  • Use the AdSense invalid clicks appeal form instead, this a appeal form, fill this form with accurate details.
  • Always write your email professionally with perfect grammar.
  • Be corporat, be understanding and nice, although you are frustrated.
  • Offer them every possible help from your side, they will find you nice to them and they will handle your case with more interest.
  • Write your full name, telephone, mobile telephone, e-mail address and website URL where needed.
  • If you have server logs, tracking and analytics logs, IPs details, submit in that form too.
  • Do not submit form again and again, they will consider it SPAM and Google hates spam.
  • Before submitting form, again check if you have followed all above steps accurately.
After submitting the form, they will send you an auto-generated email address, after few days, a Man from Google will reply you about your case, they may require additional information from you otherwise they will (may be) reinstate your account. Best of the Luck !


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