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How to Listen Radio Channels on Computer using Internet ?

Music is very relieving. It makes you forget all your tensions and just enjoy the music. However, some of us are always confused with our playlists. We are unable to decide what kind of music we want to listen. So, instead one opts for listening to the radio and can enjoy different kind of music. Radio frees you from the hassle of selecting your playlist. Here we tell you about an application that enables you to listen to radio on your system.

The application is called Tapin radio. It is extremely useful and handy application that supports a number of internet radio formats like mp3, wma, ogg vorbis and aac. The best part is one can listen to music on the radio for free. The Tapin radio has a smooth interface. One can get used to it within minutes. One can switch between the different radio stations very smoothly. One can also used the application for recording their favorite songs directly from the radio and then save it in a specified destination folder on your system. One can record either a single song or can continue to record a number of songs one after the other continuously. The app has a wide range of stations available for hearing. You can select the stations based on the region or country or based on the genre.

It is very easy to organize your favorite stations too. The application actually stores the different stations so that one does not have search for them over and over again. In fact, the application also has a timer function that asks you to set a time beforehand. After the completion of the time the application automatically turn offs the radio when the timer is set. The app also checks for new updates and software automatically and downloads them. One can make changes to the background color, notification, recording settings etc. using the options available in the preferences tab.

One can use the application on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. It is a light weight tool and takes hardly a few seconds for installation. Download Link

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