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How to Make GIF Animated Banners without Any Software

Animated banners are kind of moving pictures which are merged in one single image. Animated banners can be either in GIF format or a flash video (.swf or .flv). Normally, webmasters preffer to display GIF animated banners as they are small in size, easily portable and does not require additional application to be displayed however SWF flash banner requires Flash Video Player to be displayed. So, if you were willing to display animated banners, you are suggested to go with GIF animated banners. You are not required to create install software to create GIF animated banners, you can do this all online using your Internet connection and MS Paint.

How to Create GIF Animated Banner without Adobe ImageReady

Normally, people use Adobe ImageReady software to create gif animations however you can do all this without any software. Follow these simple instructions.

  • Click on Start > Run and type mspaint
  • Create two small size banners. Just like i created these two;

  • Save them As in either JPG or GIF format
  • Now, Go to
  • Click on "Upload Button" and select pictures you just created and want to animate.

  • Once you have uploaded pictures, you can set the arrangement of pictures or/and can deleteany picture if you don't want keep in your animated banner.

    • Click on Animation Properties to set animation speed, size, background color etc. 

    • Simply, Click on Make Animation and you are done! 

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